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What Our Customers Say About US

I just wanted to reach out and let you both know how Coach is doing. He’s growing so fast (just weighed 17 kgs). He’s honestly the best guy to have around. Just enough spunk to keep us busy but also the most relaxing and loving dog that I have ever owned. He’s super well behaved. Here are some pics of him. I hope you both are doing well!
We wanted to give you an update on Samson (Hank). He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is super sweet and a quick learner. At almost 6 months old. He is well loved and he loves his boys. He is so good with both of them! He is still not sure of other dogs, but he will figure that out soon enough. I have attached several pics of him.
"Last summer we had the pleasure of obtaining our first beagle from Telmas' Beagle home, you guys where so amazing. What a wonderful experience! These two ladies are so knowledgeable and dedicated to their profession. They invest so much love and time into their puppies that this experience felt more like an adoption than a purchase.
Nathalie Moore
"Patty has brought so much love, and joy to our little family. Patty teaches all the dogs their manners, since she was so well trained by you. We were both commenting on the fact that Patty is flawlessly beautiful-- she was really bred to be a show dog, but now she is a love puppy!"
Luiz Enrique
"You were amazing to work with! We could tell you were a genuine person and someone who would take the time to make sure the litter was properly cared for. I don't think you could have done anything better! Hampton is adjusting so very well. He is adventurous and sweet and everything you could want in a puppy."
-Emilie and Boyd, parents of Hampton
"We can't say enough about your prompt reply to our inquiries whether by phone or email. You answered all questions and offered to be available after the adoption to answer more; this gave us great peace of mind. Charlie adjusted very well to his hours-long crate travel to his new family and arrived eager to meet everyone, including his nine-year-old brother, Max. He had only a couple of accidents in the house. I would say his adjustment has been exceptional! Jen, who has raised two other family beagle puppies, agrees that he is the BEST puppy ever!"
-Judy, parent of Charlie
"You do so many things very well! You were very flexible and accommodating when we were planning our visit to see the puppies. You were so patient with us when we were visiting the puppies and choosing our sweet Abigail. Picking up Abigail was so easy and your care package was full of wonderful surprises. I love the puppy photo book! Your folder is organized and helpful ."
-Kelley, parent of Abigail
"I really liked you provided us with pictures and information, and the list of stuff to get beforehand was very helpful! I keep telling everyone I don't think we could've found a better breeder! The process was easy and couldn't have gone any better! Thanks again for everything!"
-Jessica and Josh, parents of Maddon
"In my opinion you did everything well and even above and beyond what I expected. Everything you did was great for me and my family! I honestly can't think of anything that I think you could have done any better with your service. Everything you did for us was great and anything I asked or needed you provided an answer in a swift manner."
-Matt, parent of Riley
"We think you were fantastic. United was also a delight. Manchester, NH is a tiny airport. Ember was delivered to the ticketing desk with another little puppy. The agent said that she loved her job but this was her favorite part!"
-Bob, parent of Ember

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