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10 best fact about beagle puppies

10 best fact about beagle puppies

10 best facts about beagle puppies

10 best fact about beagle puppies. The American Kennel Club describes the beagle as an excellent hunting dog and a loyal companion. They are currently ranked 6th out of 195 breeds as far as popularity.

The National Beagle Club of America says that Beagles are excellent family companions. Their low maintenance cost and their affectionate, yet independent, temperament make them an ideal pet for many families.

In recent years, the USDA has ‘hired’ beagles to work in airports. The dog’s job is to sniff out illegally smuggled in plants and animal products. They were chosen for this work due to their strong noses and friendly appearance!

Find out why so many dog owners have chosen the Beagle as their companion of choice. This pro-con list can help you decide if a beagle is the right dog for you.

Adding any dog to your family is definitely cause for deliberation. Overall, Beagles do make great family dogs and they are great with large groups of people.

But, in order to have a well behaved Beagle, you will need to put lots of time and effort into training your pup. This article will cover the needs and personality of a Beagle so you can determine if a Beagle is right for you and your family.


Beagles are incredibly curious and sweet dogs. They can make terrific family dogs because they are good with children and are very playful. But, because of their playfulness, Beagles require lots of attention and exercise.10 best fact about beagle puppies

are beagles good family dogs

Usually, a house full of people and constant play companions is exactly what Beagles need. This dog breed is curious, loving, and friendly. They are happy-go-lucky dogs and are very loyal.


Beagles have deep, boisterous voices and serve well as watchdogs. They will look over your family and your house and alert you should any suspicious sounds or people come near your home.

However, if you believe that this noise would not work well with your family, such as if you have a newborn baby and are working on their sleep schedules, having a Beagle might be challenging.

When you leave the house, Beagles can suffer from canine separation anxiety because they are pack animals. This can cause them to incessantly bark, run around the house, and tear things up. If you live in an apartment or if you live in close proximity to neighbors, having a barking Beagle may not be the best choice.


Beagles are independent thinkers, and if they have been trained properly to obey their owner, then they will listen well. Furthermore, Beagles can be housetrained after a bit of proper dog training. Once a Beagle sees a person as their alpha dog and master, they will be quite obedient to them. A Beagle will see the children in the family as fellow pack-mates and will be protective of them as well. Beagles originated as work dogs to hunt rabbit and hare.

Because of this, they love to have a task and to work. By getting them involved in short exercises for learning, Beagles will have fun while training. However, Beagles need consistent training, so making sure everyone in your household will use the same commands and reward the same behaviors.


Remember to keep in mind that a Beagle is a “nose with four legs”, and your pup will love to smell everything. This means that he will follow many different scent trails. Beagles will need time outside every day for them to be happy. Beagles also need a decent amount of exercise in order to remain calm. They require daily walks, so definitely keep that in mind if you’re considering getting adding a Beagle to your home.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Additionally, since Beagles love to follow scents, they can be prone to running away. For this reason, having a fenced-in backyard might be important for you to keep your dog safe.


As with any dog, socializing with other dogs and people is key. Beagles need to be socialized from a young age to be fully cooperative with children and families. Beagles are very friendly dogs with a desire to please and be affectionate. They are also very energetic by nature and having them around children can be rewarding for both parties involved. Beagles also love games, such as fetch and hiding balls.

Super Friendly and Sociable

Beagles are considered some of the friendliest and most sociable dogs. Beagles were originally bred to live and work in packs, making them very great around other dogs and people. Whether you have other pets or children in your household, the Beagle will likely fit in fine, filled with excitement and love for all.

In fact, Beagles are known to be very kind to other animals. In comparison to other dogs, they tend to get along much better with cats and other small animals, not just dogs. Plus, they are perfect with children. These dogs are not aggressive or easily annoyed, making them the perfect addition for families.10 best fact about beagle puppies

If you don’t have other animals, that’s fine too. Beagles love home with just people. At the same time, you don’t have to panic whenever you take your Beagle to the dog park since it will likely get along fine with other dogs, even if it has little exposure.

2.Small Size

In addition to being friendly and sociable, Beagles are considered pretty small. At their biggest, Beagles will be up to 15 inches tall and weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. However, some Beagles are under 13 inches tall.10 best fact about beagle puppies


Their small frame makes them suitable for a variety of homes and living situations. For example, they will fit in great on a farm, but they are perfect for apartment living too. In other words, these dogs are highly versatile and can adapt to just about any home.

beaglemation parents dalmatian and beagle dogs
Image credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

3.Easy to Maintain


The last major benefit of a Beagle is that they are super easy to maintain. Beagles are much healthier than other dogs, and they don’t require as much grooming. About the only type of grooming you need to do is cleaning their ears, trimming their nails, and bathing if needed.10 best fact about beagle puppies10 best fact about beagle puppies


Of course, you will also need to take your dog to the vet if it gets sick or for its annual checkup. Luckily, you won’t need to take your Beagle to the groomers, and you shouldn’t expect as many vet visits as other breeds.

Potential Drawbacks to Owning a Beagle

Image Credit: Daniel Albany, Pixabay


Even though Beagles make really great pets, they do have some drawbacks. It’s important to consider the drawbacks based on where you live and your family to ensure you get the best breed for your home. Luckily, the drawbacks of a Beagle aren’t as risky or dangerous as the drawbacks of some other breeds.10 best fact about beagle puppies

1.They Love to Bark

One of the biggest drawbacks of a Beagle is that they love to bark. Beagles love to make noise if they hear or see something outside the home. Their barks can be very loud. If you live in an apartment or have young babies, you will want a quieter breed who will not disrupt your neighbors or home.

2.They Can Be Stubborn

Beagles can be a bit stubborn too. If you have never trained a dog before, Beagles may be a difficult starting point. The Beagles aren’t necessarily disobedient out of malice. Instead, they like to follow their noses and sniff around. As a result, they can get into some mischief out of curiosity. Luckily, their stubbornness rarely leads to any form of aggression or true misbehavior.10 best fact about beagle puppies

3.They’re Diggers


Because Beagles were originally bred for fox hunting, they are extraordinary diggers. If they think they smell a small animal in your yard, they may try to dig up the creature. This can be super annoying if you care about how your yard or garden looks.

Even though Beagles make great pets, they are not necessarily the most ideal dog for everyone. So, the question remains: Is a Beagle right for you?

A Beagle Is Right For You If…

If you are looking for a family dog that is low maintenance, fun to be around, and great around other animals and children, the Beagle may be perfect for you. With this breed, you won’t have as much to do, yet you will have a loyal and fun dog that requires little work and maintenance.

A Beagle Is Not Right For You If…

Beagles aren’t the most ideal pet if you live in areas where noise complaints are common or if you are worried about your yard getting holes. Additionally, Beagles are not ideal if you are not up to the challenge of training a slightly stubborn breed.


Because of the stubbornness of this dog, we will especially not recommend it if you have a newborn in your household. Even though the dog will not be aggressive, you probably will not have the time or energy to properly train the Beagle. Instead, wait a couple of years until you aren’t up every night taking care of your baby to get a Beagle puppy.


Beagles aren’t just good pets, but phenomenal ones. Their cute faces matched with their gentle and lovable disposition makes them the perfect dog for families and singles alike. Of course, their loud barks and stubborn streak can make them a bit more difficult for yard lovers or first time dog owners, but they are generally a great dog for most homes, nonetheless!10 best fact about beagle puppies

So you and your family have finally made your mind to get a pet dog. You researched a few breeds and might have heard a lot of things about beagles, and now you are thinking of getting this breed. But are beagles good family dogs?

Beagles are friendly, playful, and love to be around people, making them excellent family dogs. Due to their affectionate and gentle nature, beagles are considered one of the best dog breeds for children. Their docile nature allows them to get along well in most lifestyles.

Further, in this article, we will look into various reasons why beagles make amazing pets in families and also put a light on some negative things about them.

Beagles as Family Dogs

I can give you an entire list of reasons why beagles make excellent family dogs. But let’s reserve the list of another time and concentrate on some significant factors that a good family dog should have.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Family’s Living Arrangement

Whether you live in a house or an apparent, beagles adapt well to most living situations.10 best fact about beagle puppies

The most optimal living situation for a beagle would be a house with a fenced backyard. Beagles are energetic breeds who love to play, and having a little open space next to the house will make them happier.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t do well in an apartment living. Their medium size allows them to fit in such a lifestyle comfortably. However, one thing to know is that beagles are indoor dogs. They cannot live outside on their own.

Social and Friendliness

Beagles are very friendly in nature and not at all aggressive. They can get along with almost everyone. They can get along with other dogs as well as cats too. Both of our beagles are good friends with our mailman as well as a couple of pizza delivery guys.

They are social dogs. They like to meet new people and animals and interact with them. I often suggest not getting a beagle if you live alone because beagles need people, and they thrive better in families.

However, their friendly nature makes them terrible guard dogs. My family and I often joke around that if an intruder came to our house, our beagles will probably start licking and playing with him too.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Exercise Needs

Beagles are energetic, and they have high exercising needs if compared to their size. A beagle would need daily walks (at least once a day), heavy exercise like running, and some playtime.10 best fact about beagle puppies

If you or someone in your family goes for jogging, then a beagle can be a great jogging companion.

Apart from physical exercise, you will have to give your beagle some mental stimulation too. For this, you can be teaching a new trick or a command.

Not every dog breed can tolerate the playful and poking behavior of children. But beagle is not just the ‘every’ breed. They are even-tempered and playful dogs who do incredibly well with children.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Kids have all the time and energy in this world, and that’s what beagles want. Pair your kid with a beagle, and they both will drain each other’s energy and sleep together, cuddling each other. BTW, if I have not mentioned this yet, beagles love to cuddle.

Beagles are gentle, and they have a high threshold of tolerance. They can tolerate pulls and tugs of kids.

While raising a beagle around kids is okay, raising a beagle with an infant might not be a good idea. Beagle puppies can be hyperactive. They need lots of attention and a good amount of training for good behavior.

Are Beagles Good for Working Families?

beagles as watch dogs

Beagles crave for companionship. They are a people’s dog. Beagles thrive in families.

Beagles don’t do well when they are left alone. If everyone in the house goes to work or school, then you will have to hire a dog sitter or keep him in the dog care center.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Beagles are prone to separation anxiety. If left alone for a long time, they can get anxiety and stress, which can lead to destructive chewing and excessive barking.

Beagle puppies would need even more time and attention.

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What’s Good About them

Beagles Love to Cuddle

Beagles are affectionate and lovable creatures who love to cuddle. It is common for a beagle to hop on your lap and take a nap while you are watching a movie, or to snuggle in your blanket during winters.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Medium Sized

I think beagles are of perfect size, neither too big, nor too small. On average, beagles are 13 to 16 inches(33 to 41 cm) tall at the withers and weigh around 22 to 26 pounds (10 to 12 kg).

Their compact size makes them an ideal choice for apartment living.

Easy to Groom

Beagles have a short coat of fur, making them quite easy to groom. They are easy to groom and require less frequent visits to professional groomers.

Always Happy

They are just always happy and playful. They are always ready to play, go out, or do anything with you.

They are Quite Intelligent

Oh, trust me on this, beagles are notoriously intelligent. They are very smart when it comes to being naughty and mischievous.

There are so many more, here’s the complete list of 16 reasons why beagles are great.10 best fact about beagle puppies

What’s Bad About them

They cannot live outside

Beagles are indoor dogs, and they cannot live outside. They do best at room temperature, and anything extreme can affect their health. If you are looking for a dog who can live outside of your house and guard at night, then the beagle is not the one.

Can be naughty and mischievous

Puppies are naughty and mischievous. I think they just enjoy creating troubles. However, when they grow up, their naughtiness decreases, but it never ends.10 best fact about beagle puppies

Sometimes Stubborn

Beagles can be stubborn sometimes. They are infamous for occasionally ignore their owner’s command and doing something that they are not supposed to.

Vocally Expressive

Beagles are vocally expressive. They bark, whine, bay, cry. This may be an issue if you live in apartments and have cranky neighbors.

Bad Guard Dogs

You cannot trust your beagle to guard your house. They are not at all aggressive. They are friendly and social, and this makes them terrible dogs to guard your house10 best fact about beagle puppies

Final Thoughts

Beagles are loving, affectionate, loyal, friendly, and playful. I don’t see any reason not to get this adorable little pooch. I have two beagles in my family, and we all love each other. To know more about beagles, you can read our detailed post on beagles as a pet.10 best fact about beagle puppies

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