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How Much Is A Beagle Puppy

How much is a beagle puppy

Beagles have a friendly, outgoing nature and are extremely affectionate ⁠— which means they’re a breed that is in quite high demand. If you’re considering getting a Beagle, it’s essential you start with researching cost of the dog and lifetime care. 

So, how much do Beagles cost? A Beagle’s cost depends on a variety of factors, such as the Beagle’s age, pedigree, health, location, the breeder you get them from and more But on average, a Beagle will cost around $550 in the USA. Beagles from a prize lineage can cost up to $6000.

This guide will help you understand how much Beagles cost, both in America and all around the world. It will also explore the factors which impact the price of a Beagle and will give you some ideas on where you can buy a Beagle. how much is a beagle puppy

Like with all dog breeds, the price of Beagles can vary greatly. It’s why some Beagles will go for a few thousand dollars, and others for a few hundred. As such, there are a variety of factors that impact the cost of bringing home a Beagle:

  • Where you buy the Beagle from
  • The purity of the breed
  • The time of year
  • Pedigree and lineage
  • The Beagle’s age
  • The Beagle’s color and markings
  • Breeder reputation

Keep in mind: not all factors are equal in their impact on dog prices. For example, pedigree and breeder reputation has the most influence, while the timing and age affects it the least. To learn about all of these factors in-depth, read on.

1. Retail, Breeder or Shelter

Where you buy a Beagle will impact the overall cost of purchase. The next few sections comprise a thorough list of all the places you can buy a Beagle, as well as how much it will cost to buy one at each of these places. how much is a beagle puppy

Pet Stores 

Due to the popularity of these dogs, many reputable pet stores may sell Beagles, or will at least be able to obtain a Beagle to sell to you if you ask for one. However, some American states have banned the sale of dogs in pet much is a beagle puppy

At most pet stores, a Beagle will cost between $500 – $600. However, you can often get a Beagle puppy for less than this if you don’t need the puppy’s lineage papers.

Still, we don’t recommended it if you care about breed purity, as a lack of papers means no guarantee that the Beagle is purebred. Plus, lineage and pedigree gives you valuable information on the potential health of your puppy.

Reputable Breeders 

Getting a Beagle from breeders will be significantly more expensive than getting a Beagle from a pet store. This is because reputable breeders carefully select lineages and mate Beagles only with the best pedigreehow much is a beagle puppy

A Beagle from a breeder can cost between $1,300 and $6,000. Many of these Beagles will have a pedigree, which indicates whether the dog has ancestors that exceled in a particular dog sport or much is a beagle puppy

If you are planning on showing your Beagle at dog shows or using your Beagle for breeding purposes, you should consider getting them from a breeder. However, not all breeders are equal – we’ll explain how to find reputable breeders later in the much is a beagle puppy


If you are looking to get a Beagle for cheaper, you can consider adopting one. Beagles for adoption may be older (and sometimes senior dogs), and they may not have their lineage papers. In our opinion, giving a shelter dog a forever home is the best option.

Interestingly enough, Beagles are one of the most common dog breeds found in American shelters, according to I Heart Dogs. Most shelters are filled with Pit Bulls, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to find a Beagle if you looked hard enough.

However, adopting isn’t free, as there is typically an adoption fee for adopting dogs. This may be between $50 and $250, depending on the state, city and shelter. For example, the city of Los Angeles has a maximum adoption fee of $150.

The good news is this payment can be tax-deductible if you adopt your dog from a shelter, which can “decreases” your overall cost. The adoption fee typically goes towards caring for other dogs that are up for adoption. 

If you’re looking for shelters that have Beagles, check out Adopt a Pet. Enter your city and the breed, and they’ll pull up all the Beagles and Beagle mixes much is a beagle puppy

2. The Season 

In countries like America, the season you’re buying your Beagle in may impact how much it costs. Most owners prefer bringing their dogs home during the Summer and Spring when days are longer.

Rover agrees that sunny months are best for bringing home a puppy. Warmer weather is most ideal if you plan to housebreak your puppy. Plus, longer sunny days means more time to go outside and play with the pup. how much is a beagle puppy

how much is a beagle puppy

In Fall and Winter, dogs are less in demand. So, buying a Beagle in these colder months will be cheaper. However, most breeders will keep seasons in mind when mating their dogs, so it’s harder to find a purebred Beagle for sale in low seasons.  how much is a beagle puppy

3. Beagle’s Age

Beagle puppies for sale near me cost more before they are two months old. That’s because breeders will charge a fee to “reserve” puppies that are not yet born! However, once a puppy crosses a few months (6 months plus), the price of the puppy will drop. 

We don’t suggest bringing home a Beagle less than 7 weeks old (almost 2 months of age). The best time to raise a Beagle pup is after 8 weeks. In fact, a Beagle at the age of 3 to 4 months is a great time. how much is a beagle puppy

Without question, an older Beagle that is a couple of years old will also be significantly cheaper than a Beagle puppy. Indeed, some breeders will sell or even give away female Beagles that have crossed their breeding age.  how much is a beagle puppy

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